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Northsilver Guest Mix 7 - Blear Moon

New mixtape is out over Northsilver Imprint!

I am very happy how this one went out. I was aiming to combine music from quite a past with recent finds. After I found out that some of the tracks I mix here not exist anywhere on the internet. This was quite a message for me - if you like something - make sure it is on your hard-drive - nothing is eternal on the internet. Also, the transition that is at least one minute long became a standart for me, this is something that made a narrative of the mix much more profound and I will definitely keep improving that side.

I am very happy and grateful that at the end this mix found it place over Northsilver Imprint. People behind it are such generous and overall nice. And the cover-art picture they (or just him?) provide is better that I would ever wish to have even for an album. I hope to do something with them again in the future.

track list:

1. Ous Mal - Tumma

2. Martin Herterich - Kyrie (For A. Pärt)

3. Epeus Reichenbach - Watch It, You Brazen Altars

4. kesh - 88 Tapes

5. AIR Krew - Types of Crickets

6. Distant Fires Burning - Science Stops...

7. Villages - Answerers

8. Fate Ote - Axiom/Till We Die

9. V. Sinclair - Reverie

10. Marty Hicks - [things take] the time they take

Cover by Atmospherics @atmosphericsphoto

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