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Entry #0005, Germany, Refugee camp

Ok, time for a little update I feel. Even though current view-rate for my post here is around 3-4 views, but metrics was never a source of motivation really. I mostly do it to document a curtain phase or a period to which I am able to return few years later and sink into it with lesser degree of memory distortions.

For two weeks now we are in a sort of a distribution center for refugees and asylum seekers. It placed just outside of Leipzig on the federal land border between Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. The facility looks like something between a hospital and a jail. The rules are quite strict, but not anything hardcore. The room we are in can be locked from inside, but whenever we want to go out of camp or whatnot - we need to go out for another building and ask the worker to lock the room and open - when on our return. Showers are also in the separate building as well as dining room and common hall. The restrooms are on the end of the each floor corridor.

By now we kind of got used to it, we both have quite developed adaptive mechanism, but of course first days were hard and stressful. For me is a huge challenge now to maintain good spirit and energy, since for a person like me with Asperger and high hypersensitivity - this conditions draining me out entirely long before day is over.

But despite all of that I have a strong internal pillar because I am going troughs it with my partner and it is all for the good cause - to secure our future and live in sity of our desire. So opportunity to settle in Leipzig is totally worth this temporary discomfort.

Vlas Presnetsov / Blear Moon in Leipzig April 2023
Vlas Presnetsov / Blear Moon in Leipzig April 2023

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