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Entry #0002, autumn 2022 overview

What a season that was...

It began quite smoothly and somewhat lazy. Then the 21st of September came announcing immediate mobilisation in russia. It felt very similar to beginning of this war. Pure terror. We spend few days without sleeping or eating, working on getting younger brother of my wife out of russia and providing information for others in similar situation. He eventually got out by traveling entire day to the border of Kazakhstan where he and few of his escape-mates spend exactly 48 hours in the walking line under the rain and without much food. At the same time friends started to arrive to our place here in Turkey as well and for some time we were sheltering people.

Quietly, the day of our wedding approached us so we got to the plain to Istanbul and had few amazing days wandering around. The day of the wedding was rainy what only make our cafe and bar tour even more cozy. The final point of this tour was famous Jazz club in the historical center of Istanbul. This was the first time I ever experienced Jazz live and that was amazing to say the least. Apon out returning to Fethiye, my mom has arrived for visit. It was her first time abroad and first time since we see each other in person in a year and a half. It was very happy time.

After the little honey-moon the diploma thesis had once again return to the focus and here I am working on it. The research process this time give me a lot of intellectual joy and inspiration and ideas that I took from the theories I am study and also applied to music. I am quite curious what kind of tune it will transform into.

Right now at the beginning of last month of 2022 I feel pretty good about where I am in life. At least I am with my family and it is all going good.

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