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Blear Moon mixtapes up to date.

In this post I decided to list all my mixtape from over the years I've did for my own channels and as a guest. Some of them got lost through time, here are ones that is still available from most recent to the oldest. All the new mixes I'll going to post under Mixtapes category in this blog.

1. Chitra Podcast #3 Secret Press Mix

published: 11 May 2022

In this mix I've compile highlight from secret press collection at the time:

2. Immersive love - Guest Mix 001 (Blear Moon)

published: 19 December 2021

A serie-opening mixtape I've did for my own netlabel Immersive love. Since it was made at the end of the year it consist of the music that was inspiring me for entirety of that year.

3. Blear Moon - End of 2020 mixtape

By than doing a mixtape for upcoming new years eve became a tradition. Not every of them remained, but this one is still there.

4. Poisonoise Music - Guest Mix - EPISODE 120 - BLEAR MOON

One I did as a side-track of my usual preferences from ambient towards techno and dance music in 2020.

5. Ambient forms 06

The last episode of now-dead series.

6. Ambient forms 05 (March 2020)

7. Ambient forms 04 (September 2019)

8. Ambient forms 03 (August 2019)

9. Ambient Forms 02 (July 2019)

10. Ambient forms 01 (February 2019)

11. Blear Moon - Abstract piano mixtape

My all time favorites in the realm of piano-based ambient

12. Blear Moon - foggy ambient mixtape

13. Blear Moon - netlabels was (part 1)

This mix is focused on my inspirations from teenage years. Favorites from ambient and experimental electronic netlabel scene from 2000's. There was never part 2 by the way.

14. Blear Moon - (19.06.2016)

quite strange combination of modern minimal techno with classic trance from late 90's. I was mixing it live for some party where no one came.

15. Blear Moon - Creeptechno (1.06.2016)

Another live set for local techno party

16. Blear Moon - IG28

A strange all-over the place mixtape I've did as a birthday present to my friend

17. Reel-to-Reel

my favorites from UK's 90's jungle and drum-and-bass scene. Mostly from Moving Shadow label

Thank you whoever scrolled all the way down here :) hope you doing alright.

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