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Blear Moon - Tundra Orchestra (2022)

Blear Moon - Tundra Orchestra

A treeless plain beyond the northern limits, a desert of winter worlds.
An eternally frozen land that does not know the waters of the seas and rivers. The tundra is ruled by strong winds, the sounds of the tundra are the rustle of low grasses, the whispering leaves of dwarf willows and birches, quiet conversations of small tiny birds.
The cautious tread of deer, jumping on the soft paws of arctic foxes, alert ears of hares in the grass, cubs playing on carpets of moss and lichens.
People do not live in the tundra, they do not build cities, only occasionally a hunter or nomads pass by, but only as guests of the tundra. The tundra is ruled by the winds.
- Anna Repman

From author:

After exhausting and anxious months, our young family settled in exile on the southwestern shores of Turkey. It took some time to mobilize and return to composing. In small steps, I returned to music and completed the project that I started last year. In it I explore methods of working with orchestral recordings arranged into long and soothing compositions.
- Blear Moon

released 19 September 2022 via Immersive love


Norvik & Blear Moon - The World Inside (2021)

Norvik & Blear Moon - The World Inside

This is a collaboration work between Hong-Kong based ambient composer and pianist Norwik with myself. In this 4-track EP we reflected on each-other expressions of mental results of lockdowns.

Released in October 2021 on Valley View Records


Serat - Gleam (2021)

Serat - Gleam

Follow-up release from Blear Moon's side-project - Serat, exploring retro synthwave samples and found sounds to create atmospheric narratives.


Serat - Piano Textures (2021)

Serat - Piano textures

'Piano textures' is Debut album of Serat, a side project of Vlas Presnetsov, where he built dynamic atmospheric ambient compositions by using only various piano recordings from his sample library.


Blear Moon - Winter journal (2020)

Blear Moon - Winter journal

Wintertime isn't like a story, it's more of an inner whirling between the higher and lower notes. Entropy slows down and on snowy forest paths, the quietening call of a future is heard. A sleeping life of the shimmering heart, soft sight journeys into the window - in the anticipation of bloom and return of color. Gentle movements and lurking stillness; and sun, the winter symbol of the steadily warming order on Earth, vanishing just to continue the way through the snow-covered wastelands.

released December 14, 2020

on Pantheon Records | ПAN173


Mixed and mastered by Nikita Chaikin

Photography by Alexander Bondar (Zoopark Publishing)

Accompanying text by Anna Repman 


Blear Moon - Sinara (2020)

Blear Moon - Sinara

Sinara is a name of the Lake that spreads around home town I was born in. A lake I was contemplating in many kind of states and circumstances. A like that is a constant visual point in my chronology.

Cover photography is a photo of my uncle Kolya, taken by my grandfather Valentine Presnetsov.


Blear Moon - Stay (2020)

Blear Moon - Stay

'Stay' is expression of the process of a mind shifting from the state of dreaming into the state of awakening, slowly crossing the fine border between realms, still reaching for emotional and sensual sceneries while returning to the plain reality of the bedroom in the early morning.

originally released on October 16, 2020 via Healing Sound Propagandist

Mastered by Nikita Chaikin
Layout and design by 扎克


Blear Moon - Windbreak (2020)


Windbreak single produced in early June of 2020 in the peak of seclusion in Snezhinsk, Russia where I accidentally confounded for several mounts far away from my natural habitat, friends and family.
This piece is one of the few that resulted from my attempts to adjust in forced situation and find a ways for music creation in given situation and tools.
Windbreak resulted from my exploration acoustic properties of current living place and ambiance around it with use of tape machines and various texturing techniques of digitally synthesized melodies.

This release includes an alternative version of Backspace from 2019 album Fallow.


Blear Moon - Expanding lands (2020)

Blear Moon - Expanding lands

Emotionally driven improvisations was appearing during 2018 and 2019 in various places that I was living in: Czech Republic; Taiwan and Urals of Russia and those melodic atmospheres was representing my experiences and states of mind at that times. They were later revisited on the beginning of new decade and formed into miscellany of my dreams and visions of future.

Process of creating involved virtual and analog synth, acoustic guitar, field recording, experimental tape processing and deconstruction of digital data.

Photography by Alexander Bondar (Zoopark Publishing)
Produced and mastered by Blear Moon (Vlas Presnetsov)

released on secret press on limited cassette edition


Cape Willoughby Road & Blear Moon - split (2019)

Cape Willoughby Road & Blear Moon - split

A split album with my friend Evgeny Vrublevski, an artist and musician from Belarus. Released on C40 cassette tapes via secret press with photography provided by Evgeny.

In this release I extensively focused on tape limitations to achieve grainy and haunting textures along with round bass lines and faraway string pads.


Blear Moon - Fallow (2019)

Blear Moon - Fallow

"When Sun is hiding over horizon, letting night cover the planet, your mind set off and you want to look inside of this abyss, like clear chilling depth of lake in Urals. You don't know anymore of where is your beginning and the end - everything is woven into a tight tangle of stringy and viscous infinity. Only ghostly transparent threads of moon light pierce it to the very bottom, giving a feel of new birth..."

From Author:
This album has it's beginning in fall of 2017, after hear-breaking divorce witch lead into very ugly mental state where I was highly delusional and often experience depersonalization and feelings of my life being unreal and untrue. In a sudden bursts of energy during sleepless nights or after having a nightmare I found myself sketching melodies and producing sounds often without realizing and with no memory of it after. In the course of winter I continue to do it time-to-time and compositions started to formed. During the spring, some changes in my life turn me to the light and I decided to put my attention to mixing as it's probably was force, that was keeping me from going far insane. I keep it unpublished until beginning of 2019 for symbolical reason, as this year for me means biggest change move with the past sorrows left behind.

self-released digitally

Photo by Vlas Presnetsov


Blear Moon - Symbolic seclusion (2018)

Blear Moon - Symbolic seclusion

Originally released 3.07.2018 on secret press as C40 cassette tape

The other side of feeling of seclusion and loneliness is a closer meet with the thin layer of perception whiteout social suite of it. This moment of meeting nonverbal sensations caused by connections of all life periods into single picture and sense of 'own' story.


Blear Moon - Here, (2014)

Blear Moon - Here,

It was composed at the very dark period of my life as a expression of what I was experiencing during the first real peak of my chronic depression. It happened to be the only release in a period of 7 years, when I left much aside in exchange for being in destructive and toxic relationship. 

self-released in 2014


Blear Moon - Town Of Two Houses (2011)

Blear Moon - Town Of Two Houses

Recorded in summer of 2011, this little album happened to be my goodbye album for my previous life in my home town. This is all about sweet memories and dreams i had there and it's full of little personal sub-stories behind every song.

"Immediately noticeable is the cinematic vibe I get as each ‘scene’ (as I prefer to refer to them) blends into the other seamlessly. Shades of the incumbent winter are rampant through the release. I feel as though it is deep night, I am bitterly cold but comforted by a blanket of warmth. As the scenes grow longer towards the end of the release they become pensive and luminous" - netlabelism

released November 2011 at camomille music

Photography & design by La Manufacture


Blear Moon - Sauvignon Valley (2010)

Blear Moon - Sauvignon Valley

Debut release from Blear Moon
Out 20 oct 2010 at umpako netlabel

artwork by Milo Nue


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