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Сonvoluted and intricate story of Vlas Presnetsov, a man behind Blear Moon and other various projects, began in mid 2000's in his teenage years. Being born in 1993 in Snezhinsk - a closed nuclear science town in the mid of Ural mountains of Russia, the early life of Vlas was fairly secluded both community-wise and informationally. His grandmother Nina Presnetsova worked as a director of editing on local radio hub station, where her grandson Vlas have spend few days out of the working week in the after-school hours. There, in 1998  came the first turning point: after this radio station transition from from linear tape editing to digital, Vlas have found his first passion in playing around with computer and audio recording and editing devices. His aimless experiments in audio tape recordings and software gained direction in mid 2000's after access to internet where he discovered a scene of netlabel music, ambient and neo-classical music in particular. He felt exceptionally implicated with this scene both sensually and aesthetically to the degree where he strongly decided to become a part of this scene.

He then starts to self educate digital music producing and instruments. His Mother Maria showed him the basics of playing acoustic guitar because she had previously played bass-guitar In several local rock bands. Additionally, Vlas has started to learn cello in local music school. His cello teacher did also provide knowledge and basics of piano. This experience, along experiments with digital sound resulted in Sauvignon Valley - a first official Blear Moon release, that took place in 2010, when Vlas was 17 years old.

Around same time as when he produced his first album he was preparing for international immigration that he started to plan out since the age of 15. His second album - Town of Two Houses, that was released on Camomile Music label, sounded out as farewell for his first major part of his life and a time same time as anticipation for what to come next. The release happened in November of 2011 - few weeks after he moved from his little town to the Czech Republic. The for aim for this move was to find university where his specific interest and talents could be implement and develop. He found that right place at the studio of Time-based media at the Faculty of Art and Design at University of Jan Evangelista in Ústí nad Labem. During his years in this environment home music production had been left aside towards studying visual and sonic art and extensive practice of live-performance, both - individually and as collaborations with other musicians and sonic artists. He graduated bachelor program in 2019. His thesis and diploma worked was focused on sound art and sonic sculptures. His final piece was an installation, consist of five vintage tape players running premade tape-loops of different length thus producing generative ambient composition.

Around 2018. Vlas returned to himself to composing and producing music applying the theoretical basis he obtained at the university and the experience of improvisation from the practice of live-performances. At the same time he has begun to fulfill his long-standing dream - to run his own label. With some money saved from scholarship and a help from couple friends he gather initial budget and started secret press which he focused in following years. It wasn't a smooth ride as well. There was trials and errors and obvious fails along the way - many cased by unpredictable life circumstances like covid-lockdowns, but also unstable mental health. Despite that, many great releases were published during few years of active phase of secret press. The aim in the long run was to developed into something bigger than just a limited edition cassette tape, but more as a publishing aimed for shedding light on personalities behind ambient music scene in a form of the printed magazine and compilations alongside regular album releases. This plans, thought, had to be put on hold abruptly once again in the beginning of realization when the Russia-Ukraine war came in 2022 and resulted repressions of political desiddents inside of Russia cased Vlas to pack up minimal baggage and flea to Turkey to be with his wife Anna, who've been fleeing Russia from prosecution threats and harassments from authorities for her political views.

So far story comes to the present moment here: without possibilities of producing physical releases for secret press because of the import and export regulations in Turkey, Vlas focused on his other netlabel Immersive love that he started a year prior to moving, where trying to replicate a model of a digital netlabel that was around mid 2000's one that inspired him to be a musician and music publisher in the first place. 


2005 - 2010

2011 - 2018

2018 - 2022

Blear Moon - November 2017 Biography
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