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1. Heron dance 03:58

2. Languid dawn 03:53

3. Runaway caves 03:09

4. Lair 03:28

Released on the Immersive love netlabel

19 September 2022

Tundra Orchestra

Blear Moon

A treeless plain beyond the northern limits, a desert of winter worlds.
An eternally frozen land that does not know the waters of the seas and rivers. The tundra is ruled by strong winds, the sounds of the tundra are the rustle of low grasses, the whispering leaves of dwarf willows and birches, quiet conversations of small tiny birds.
The cautious tread of deer, jumping on the soft paws of arctic foxes, alert ears of hares in the grass, cubs playing on carpets of moss and lichens.
People do not live in the tundra, they do not build cities, only occasionally a hunter or nomads pass by, but only as guests of the tundra. The tundra is ruled by the winds.
- Anna Repman

After exhausting and anxious months, our young family settled in exile on the southwestern shores of Turkey. It took some time to mobilize and return to composing. In small steps, I returned to music and completed the project that I started last year. In it I explore methods of working with orchestral recordings arranged into long and soothing compositions.
- Blear Moon

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